App-V 5 Recipe: Anaconda

Key points of sequencing Anaconda: use a PVAD Install Anaconda to C:\Anaconda_x_versionhere\ After installing, in the sequence do the first run tasks, change preferences and change any settings to point the PVAD. Screenshots planned.. one day. Sorry for the briefness!

App-V 5 and JDK Stuff

Just sequenced Android Studio in App-V 5.0 Sp3 successfully. Here’s how: Use the default GUID based PVAD and install JDK and Android Studio in the same package, all to the PVAD. Job done 🙂 This lync may be of use too if Java has any issues trying to update itself and other bits and pieces:

MDT Won’t Capture the WIM

So MDT won’t capture. Towards the end of BDD.LOG I get this:

The problem here became pretty much obvious on going just a few lines up: About to run command:

Due to the default naming of the captured WIMs, you cannot capture the same task sequence twice in a single day without deleting/moving/renaming